I bought a road cycling helmet

On my Brompton, when I wear a helmet, I wear a Bern:

Which is great for urban cycling and bit more funky than a road helmet.  I like my Bern, although it’s a bit heavy, it looks totally ridiculous for riding Tuesday.


So, I braved the Covid shopping experience, with mask, gels, and backed by regular hand washes.

I have always been a fan of Edinburgh Bicycle Co-operative, after my experience of buying the Brompton from there.   So, it made sense to go to them for my road helmet.  They were operating a one-in-one-out policy which meant waiting outside for around ten minutes, but that was ok.  I got chatting to the chap two metres behind me.

I had already decided I wanted a MIPS equipped helmet, as these are made to take the rotational forces which are more realistic to the way you would actually fall.  There is a huge discussion on whether helmets make any difference to injury survival, have any value for car impacts, any much more besides.  I think it is up to the individual to make a decision for themselves.  We are adults and we take responsibility for our own choices in life.  That is the end of the discussion.  I choose to wear a helmet on the road, especially when I might be travelling at speed or encountering crappy driving.

I also frequently experience mad hair, especially if it’s damp, and so a helmet is cooler than a hat and does the same job of taming it.  Large insects such as bumblebees rather like flying into me, and they flipping hurt, and I often manage to snag the odd low branch on the shared cycle/pedestrian paths.  Helmets, in fact all hats, will also save you, to a degree, from seagull poop.

My reasoning aside, it was time to actually find a helmet.  I quite fancied a Specialized one, if they fitted me well, as it would match my bike.  I wanted white so it would go with any clothes I chose to wear, but still be more visible and girly than the other option of a matt black one.  I also got white react-to-light Adidas sunglasses for my Birthday and I figured it would be cool to match those too.

After trying on a variety from £45 – £200 (eek) I settled on the Propero III with ANGi, for the best fit:

I think it looks better on than most, and it’s very well vented, just in case Scotland experiences any more of summer this year.  As you can see, I haven’t take off the tags, or enabled the ANGi* tracking device it is fitted with as yet, I got to that job a bit later.

With an RRP of £95 it isn’t cheap, but you only get one head.  I also think if you are going to wear one, then it might as well be as comfortable as possible.  It should fit you well to be effective (yes, I know the jury is out on that anyway) and it should, if it can, look good.  A lot of them don’t!

Now all I need is my spare inner tubes to arrive, and my pump, just in case, and I’m ready to ride.


*ANGi is an alert system that connects to your phone and sends a message to your emergency contacts if you suffer an impact.

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