£50 Voucher!

Government website crashes within hours of opening

The Government launched the voucher scheme last night but it was so oversubscribed the site crashed within minutes of going online.  Checking in on the site this morning and all the vouchers have now gone.

The scheme is designed for those eligible,  in England only at the moment, and with an unused cycle that is in need of repair.  Repairers can register to accept vouchers for the scheme meaning it also supports small and large bike shops, which is great as there were initial concerns within cycling that this would be a means of pumping money only into the larger chain shops such as Halfords and Evans.

All good you would think.  But there is a limited number of vouchers available, and they will be released in batches.  There is also a limit of two vouchers per household.

Set up to encourage more people to cycle, boost commuting by bike, leisure trips, promoting alternatives to public transport during social distancing restrictions, it also aims to reduce short journeys made by private cars.  All good things.

But one thing that the Government is asking, and we at Road-Cyclist.com would also ask you – do you really need one?  If you can afford to fix your bike, or are already riding, then please leave these vouchers for people who really could do with getting their old bikes back on the road.  I know it can’t be policed, and I know that there are plenty of people who will take advantage of this and abuse the scheme, but please don’t be one of them if you don’t need it.

The more people, especially those on limited incomes, we can get back on their feet (and wheels) after Covid-19 the better.  It is our responsibility as a society to look after those in need, and something we don’t do enough of.

Thank you.


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