Liv announces Devote Series of women specific gravel bikes

Lots of women love Liv bikes; the women specific versions of Giant bicycles designed completely on a women’s geometry, rather than the shrink it and pink it attitude to many other manufacturers.

Personally?  Well I find that no matter what frame size i look at the reach is always too much for me.  Could the new Devote gravel bikes be the ones that change my mind?

I don’t know, because at the moment it is very difficult to find out if they are even going to shipped to the UK.  The UK part of the website shows you the introduction video for the new series but I can’t find any specifications, including that all important reach measurement, anywhere on the site. and other online sites seem to have some extra information that even Liv seem reluctant to give out.

It’s not as if they don’t physically exist and it’s just a concept, sites in the US have been given ones to test and report back on, but it’s all quiet on the UK front.  The range looks impressive with alleged variations in price from around £1500 – £5000, depending on the specification and equipment.  I can’t be more specific because we don’t have UK pricing, yet.  We can only go by the $ prices and they don’t seem to have been finalised for al the models in the range either.

A gravel bike would be my N+1.  Not because I want to go off road very much, but because there are many long distance national routes that simply aren’t surfaced for a road bike, and Edinburgh itself is notorious for both poor surfaces and cobbled surfaces.  I would also like to consider some overnight touring, and a gravel bike would be perfect for this.  To me, a properly fitting gravel bike could be my number one bike in my hazy rose tinted spectacled view.

But without details, and without knowing when they might even ship to UK dealers, it is hard to see if this could be the first Liv that might tempted me to part with my money.  Up until now, as much as I have admired and dreamed of some of the top end Liv bikes, when I sit on them they simply don’t match my geometry.  I am better suited to Specialized who don’t do a women’s specific model anymore but claim their bikes just fit people (of all genders and none) better.  Perhaps I am an odd shape?

I’d like a shot at the new gravel option from Liv, and perhaps a shot a the male version too, just for comparison.  But I’d like to see some figures, both in spec and in price first.

Until then, I shall leave you with Liv’s video link, and see if you’re tempted too.

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