Just a middle aged woman with a bike

This site came about on Monday 15th June, 2020, as a bit of an accident. You see, I have another blog site called girlonabrompton.blog and all was going well until I succumbed to N+1 and bought another bike – a road bike. Then I needed somewhere to amuse everyone with tales (tall and otherwise) about my conversion from someone who happily potters about on my Brompton, wearing normal clothes, into this (potentially) lycra clad (slightly) faster roadie.

I say potentially, because to be honest, at 50, I look like an overstuffed sausage in lycra and it has to be pretty strong lycra to hold it all in at that. But I have also reached that certain age where I don’t give a hoot what other people think about my appearance either.

I have always, in one form or another cycled, although there have been dry periods. I returned to cycling as a simple means of getting around Edinburgh quicker than in my car, which it is, even on a small wheeled Brompton. It is also immensely good fun.

I enjoyed it so much that I started planning trips to Falkirk and Stirling, and even dreamt of maybe cycling a long distance route like the Coast & Castles South. All of this could be done on a Brompton of course, in a fashion. But then came that blasted significant birthday, the big 5-0, and with it I did something a bit silly: I went out and bought a second-hand carbon road bike. She’s called Tuesday, because she’s a Specialized Ruby, and if you’re around my age that should make sense.

(Rolling Stones – Ruby Tuesday for the uninitiated)

So here I am, novice on the dream machine, with grey hair and a greater sense of preservation, attempting to do something I’ve never done before. And you are invited to come with me on this journey of discovery – there will be ups and downs, both on and off the roads no doubt. There will definitely be cake, coffee, and a good few laughs. We might shed a tear or two as well, who knows? I hope it will be fun, and as fabulous as my Birthday banner said it would be.

The site is also open to ALL WOMEN CYCLISTS because there just simply isn’t enough written by women about cycling on the internet or in the cycling media. If you have an idea for a blog post then I want to hear it.