I have been writing about bikes for some time now, and have built up quite a following on here, my other site, and on Twitter. It has been difficult sometimes to know where to place my efforts to entertain the most people, as some has fitted one site better than others but could have been … Continue reading News

Let’s talk rain

As I pull open the curtains and blinds this morning I am greeted by the Scottish phenomena of sideways rain. There is always a joke about Scotland being wet, and it is, but that’s why it is also so godsmackingly beautiful. You can’t see a rainbow without rain, and you can’t feel the lightening without … Continue reading Let’s talk rain


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£50 Voucher!

Government website crashes within hours of opening The Government launched the voucher scheme last night but it was so oversubscribed the site crashed within minutes of going online.  Checking in on the site this morning and all the vouchers have now gone. The scheme is designed for those eligible,  in England only at the moment, … Continue reading £50 Voucher!

Could Garmin’s outage mean an end of the popularity of their products?

The Garmin server outage has now lasted for more than four days, and this has effected anyone using their cycling GPS computers as they won’t connect or upload the data to Garmin’s preparatory software or apps.  Garmin says it has been the victim of a cyberattack where ransomware was uploaded to their servers, and the … Continue reading Could Garmin’s outage mean an end of the popularity of their products?


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