A huge new bicycle parking garage in The Hague

Isn’t this beautiful. Can you imagine any British city doing anything remotely approaching this wonder? No, me neither. If cycling is to become a normalised mode of everyday transport, then these kind of things need to be seriously considered in all cities in the UK and beyond. Climate change is going to make Covid-19 look like a mild cold, and we are wasting precious time, that the planet doesn’t have, when action is required and now.


The city of The Hague quietly opened the second largest bicycle parking facility in the Netherlands earlier today together with the Dutch Railways. The garage, at the city’s Central Station, has room to park about 8,500 bicycles and that includes 600 OV-Fiets public transport bicycles to rent out. All the racks are in a single space, an over 8,100 square metre basement directly under the square in front of the station building. The facility would have been opened at 2 April this year, but that opening party had to be cancelled due to the Corona pandemic. From today all trains are running again so this is also a good day for this opening of this additional bicycle parking – The Hague already had an underground parking garage for bicycles, this one is extra.

The cycleway inside the huge new bicycle parking garage in The Hague. The green lines on…

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